Q - What can I do to prepare for Tryouts?

A - The week prior to Tryouts, we offer a five-day camp that is explicitly designed to prepare players for high school soccer tryouts. This is an optional activity where we assemble a group of coaches to lead players through exercises, activities, and games that they are likely to encounter during tryouts. The camp sessions typically start at about 8:00am each day, and run about 90 minutes in duration.

Q - Is the Camp Week mandatory?

A - No, the Camp Week is an optional activity. Per OSAA regulations, no high school fall sports programs may offer mandatory activities before the first day of the fall season. And Tryouts are typically scheduled to begin on that first day. Therefore any activities that precede that day must be (and are) optional.

Q - Is the Camp Week only for LOHS student-athletes?

A - No, the Camp Week is open to anyone hoping to prepare for tryouts at any high school. In the past we've had players attend from other high schools, or even an occasional 8th grader that was capable of competing with other high school players.

Q - Does it cost any money to attend the Camp Week?

A - Yes, the Camp Week usually costs about $125 per player. The fees collected are first used to pay for liability insurance and coaches' gas expenses. All remaining fees (usually over 90% of the total) are deposited into the Friends of Laker Boys Soccer account, that is used to purchase equipment for the teams.