Q - What should I bring to tryouts?

A - Make sure you bring proper soccer attire including boots and shinguards. Also please bring a full waterbottle for sufficient hydration. You do not need to bring a soccer ball to tryouts.

Q - What should I expect at tryouts?

A - Tryouts will begin promptly at the appointed starting time, typically at 700am. So please arrive early enough to be fully dressed in your gear, and on the field ready to go, at the starting time. Warm-ups will begin immediately, and will be followed by small sided games. Almost all of our tryouts are held on the main soccer field at LOHS, playing soccer. We do not have any pre-requisite two-mile run requirements, or anything else like that. We will have our coaching staff observing multiple small sided games, evaluating players.

Q - What criteria are used by the coaches when selecting Varsity, JV1, and JV2 teams at tryouts?

A - Coaches for all teams are looking for a combination of attributes in a player, including both on-the-field capabilities as well as off-the-field capabilities. On the field, coaches are looking for a combination of technical, tactical, and physical skills. Off the field, coaches are looking for attitude, effort, and commitment. For all teams, off-the-field attributes can outweigh on-the-field attributes. But a player that brings both sets of attributes stands the best chance to make his desired team. The coaches are looking for players that can play technical soccer at very high speeds, make smart tactical decisions (also at very high speeds), and bring strong physical capabilites, as high school soccer is a full contact sport. The coaches are also looking for players that bring a positive attitude during games, training sessions, team meetings; put forth their best effort all of the time (and not just when the coach is looking); and show commitment to the game of soccer, to the team, and to themselves.

Each year the Varsity team is formed by selecting the top 15-17 players that are expected to bring both on-the-field and off-the-field attributes to the program during the current fall season. Contrary to popular belief, the JV1 and JV2 teams are not formed by simply selecting the next 36-40 top players. The JV1 and JV2 teams are formed by selecting the next 36-40 players that are most likely to develop into a Varsity level player, either later in the current fall season or in a subsequent fall season. In other words, the JV1 and JV2 teams are not about selecting players to win JV1 and JV2 games this year. They are about selecting players to win Varsity games later this year, or next year. This is a very important factor to keep in mind, and is often the reason a player that is demonstrating a continual improvement in skills may be selected over a more athletic player whose skills are not improving.

Q - How many players are selected for each team?

A - There are no pre-determined quotas when it comes to roster sizes (with the exception that a 6A team entering the OSAA State Tournament may bring a maximum of 22 players in uniform). Instead, we focus more on putting players at a level of soccer with a speed of play where they can get touches on the ball, and experience success.

However, for those that are looking for numbers, in general we try to start the season with a Varsity roster of about 15-17 players, and then move players up from the JV1 team during the course of the season. We may even finish the season with a roster of as many as 24-25 players (with 2-3 players not in uniforms for OSAA State Tournament games). We look to start the season with a JV1 roster of about 17-19 players, and the JV2 team with 19-21 players. Slightly larger JV1 and JV2 roster allows us to move players from JV1 to Varsity, and from JV2 to JV1 during the course of the season.

Q - What are my options if I am not offered a roster spot on any of the Varsity, JV1, JV2 White, or JV2 Navy teams?

A - Every year the Lake Oswego Soccer Club (LOSC) forms several teams that play in a local co-ed league called Soccer-5. Most years, LOSC forms multiple teams at two levels - sophomore/freshman teams and senior/junior teams. Depending on the number of registrants, these teams can consist of all LOHS players, or sometimes a mix of LOHS and Lakeridge HS players. These teams play against West Linn, Wilsonville, Tigard, Oregon City, and Clackamas. Games are typically on Saturdays, and training sessions are usually two night per week.