This is a five-day camp that is designed to prepare players for high school soccer tryouts. Camp Week is an optional activity, intended to provide an increasing intensity of soccer. Camp Week is more intense than Kickrounds, but not quite as intense as Tryouts. This is also a coach-led activity. Coaches will lead players through exercises, activities, and games that they are likely to encounter during tryouts, and team training. The camp sessions typically start at about 8:00am each day, and conclude at about 9:45am.


Monday through Friday

August 7 through August 11


$125 per player. A registration form will be published on the DOCUMENTS tab on this website. The registration fees cover the cost of insurance, gas for the coaches, and any gear or equipment required. Any remaining balance is deposited into the Friends of Laker Soccer account, and used for program expenses incurred during the season (including subsidizing the end-of-season awards banquet). We do not pay salaries to the coaches at Camp Week. This is our way of fundraising for the program. There will be an opportunity for the players to support our fundraising Program Poster, after tryouts.


800am to 945am


LOJHS - Lake Oswego Junior High School


As with all activities prior to the start of the OSAA fall season (August 14), our Camp Week is optional. While it is open to any student-athlete planning to tryout for high school fall soccer at any school, it is unusual for players not planning to enroll at LOHS to attend, but not prohibited.

Typically, each day is organized into multiple stations, each supervised by a different coach (or coaches). Technical, tactical, and physiological elements are presented to each player, at all levels of playing ability. Stations range in intensity, and constructive coaching is offered to facilitate player development. These sessions are not only an excellent way to prepare for tryouts, they are also an opportunity to experience what training sessions will be like during the season.

As with Kickarounds, players are requested to bring a well-used soccer ball and a full waterbottle. In addition, at our camp, players are expected to be "properly and legally equipped". For new players, this means shinguards of appropriate size with a NOCSAE rating are required, and no jewelry of any kind should be worn. The only acceptable jewelry exception is a medical bracelet, but even this must be covered with athletic tape. These are not our rules, they are set and enforced by OSAA. So we might as well get used to them from the beginning.