These are the first activities offered during the summer. Kickarounds are optional activities, intended to be an all-inclusive welcome back casual soccer opportunity for all players, including returning Varsity seniors through incoming rising freshmen.


Tuesdays and Thursdays in July and early August

July 6
July 11 and 13
July 18 and 20
August 1 and 3


900am to 1100am


Lake Oswego Junior High School


These are largely unsupervised activities for the players. If you are expecting these sessions to be structured, supervised, and coached, then they are not for you. These sessions are meant to offer an opportunity for players to "play soccer at the park". Much of youth sports are overly structured, to the point that young athletes don't know how to go play pick-up games (of any sport) at the park, without entering into a league, joining a team, and being told what to do by a coach or supervisor.

We provide pinnies to returning team leaders, who will split up players into small teams. The number of teams and number of players on each team depends on how many players show up at each kickaround. There are two fields, so four teams can play at a time. A team that scores stays on their field. A team that gets scored on moves to the sideline to make room for another team, and so on. Teams are built evenly, and everyone plays. Otherwise, it's up to the players to run their own sessions. How long do they play? It's up to the players. We have reserved the field until about 1100am.

A few quick logistical notes. We do not provide soccer balls, so players must bring their own. We highly recommend bringing an old one, as they occasionally get kicked over the fence and get lost. Also, players should bring a full water bottle (and get used to always bringing one).